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சூரஜ் பாரதி
(Suraj Barthy in Tamil)

Suraj Barthy Selvabarathy (b. 1992, Chennai, India; lives and works in Brooklyn, New York) is a media artist and interaction designer who explores the traces that people leave across time through his art practice. As a Post-Doctoral Research Resident at New York University, his research focuses on time, connectedness, and technology, and he works across mediums including video, textiles, physical computing, and code. Suraj’s aim is to create participatory experiences that help participants become more sensitive to the things they see, hear and comprehend.

Suraj’s Everyday Art Project, which has been ongoing for over 8 years, has taught him patience and a rigorous belief in practice (time). His work aspires to leave a trace in the space-time continuum, inspiring others to engage with the world and leave their own unique mark across time.

Suraj is an Adjunct Arts Professor at NYU Tisch's Interactive Telecommunications Program & Interactive Media Arts (NYU ITP/IMA). His teaching areas span habit formation, design and interactive art.

As a Designer specialising in UX and interaction design with a focus on Accessibility, Suraj has worked  with startups and big tech companies like Microsoft and Samsung, building products from scratch across mobile, desktop, web, and XR experiences. With experience as an IC and working in teams, Suraj finds great joy in working with people, especially collaborating with product and engineering folks.

Work Experience

Adjunct Arts Professor
August 2023 - Present

Postdoctoral Research Resident
Interactive Telecommunications Program, NYU
August 2023 - Present

Lead Designer
Endless Frontier Labs, NYU Stern
11 months (Part-time), 2021-22

Interaction Designer
17 months, 2020-21

Senior Interaction Designer
10 months, 2019-20

Lead - User Experience Designer
8 months, 2018-19

UX Advisor

Experience Design Intern
6 months, 2017-18

Product Designer
4 months, 2017

Experience Design Intern
2 months, 2016

Founding Member & UX Designer
1.5 years, 2014-16

Data Analyst
1 year, 2014-15

Head, Design
6 months, 2013

Founding Member & Graphic Designer
2 years, 2011-13

Awards & Features

2023 Banner Bearer - ITP, Tisch Salute, NYU

2023 Adjacent, Issue 10, NYU

2022 Rudin Scholarship, NYU

2022 Design In Motion Festival, Netherlands

2021 Tisch School of the Arts Graduate Scholarship, NYU

2021 Winner: Fix Hack Learn, Microsoft

2021 Winner: Fix Hack Learn, Microsoft


2019 Psychedelic Dreamer   

2019 FIG EyeMyth Festival

2017 Winner: Most Popular Choice Award, UX-India, Bangalore

2017 Winner: Silver Award, UX-India, Bangalore

2017 Fa_Hypnotic

2017 Minimalism42

2017 Hellzfire Lightz

2016 Wooplr Feature - Spotlight

2016 Abduzeedo Daily Inspiration

2014 Winner: Best Portfolio, Behance Portfolio Reviews (Dec), Chennai

2014 Winner: Best Portfolio, Behance Portfolio Reviews (May), Chennai

2014 Feeds, Issue 4, NIT Trichy

2013 Sahara Scholarship, National Cadet Corps, India


Master of Professional Studies, Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP)

Master of Design, Interaction Design

Bachelor of Engineering, Chemical Engineering



Postdoctoral Research Resident, NYU
August 2023 - July 2024

Google Pixel Upcycling Grant

February 2022 - August 2022

Synthfarm Residency

February 2019

Teaching Experience

Adjunct Arts Professor, NYU
Fall 2023
Classes: 100 Days of Making

Graduate Assistant/Postdoctoral Resident, NYU
Fall 2023
Classes: Thesis

Graduate Assistant, NYU
Spring 2023
Classes: Interaction as Art Medium

Graduate Assistant, NYU
Fall 2022
Classes: 100 Days of Making

Exhibitions / Talks / Workshops

2024 LiveCodeNYC x Harvestworks on Gov Island, NY. (Exhibit)

2024 LiveCodeNYC x Harvestworks on Gov Island, NY. (Workshop)

2024 LiveCodeNYC x Harvestworks on Gov Island, NY. (Performance)

2024 Livecoding, LivecodeNYC, NY. (Performance)

2023 1-800-I-WAS-SCAMMED.COM, NY (Exhibit - Auction)

2023 CC Fest, NY (Workshop)

2023 Maker Faire, IND (Exhibit)

2023 After Effects 3D Camera Tricks, NY (Workshop)

2023 Starting Smarter with Figma, NY (Workshop)

2023 NYC Resistor Interactive Show, NY (Exhibit)

2023 Spring Show, ITP, NYU. (Exhibit)

2023 After the Imagination, NYC Resistor, NY. (Exhibit)

2023 Time Show, NYU. (Exhibit)

2023 Livecoding ITP&FRIENDS, Wonderville, NY. (Performance)

2023 Livecoding ITP&FRIENDS, Wonderville, NY. (Performance)

2022 Winter Show, ITP, NYU. (Exhibit)

2022 Livecoding ITP&FRIENDS, Wonderville, NY. (Performance)

2022 Starting Smarter with Cinema4D - learnings from 6 year of Everyday Art, NY (Workshop)

2022 Weaving through the Silk Saree ecosystem in South India, NY (Talk)

2022 Starting Smarter with Figma, NY (Workshop)

2022 Spring Show, ITP, NYU. (Exhibit)

2022 Designing Immersive Experiences, Madrasters, IND. (Talk)

2020 Mookambika Mural, NID, IND. (Talk)

2020 Everydays, Microsoft, IND. (Talk)

2020 Processing Community Day, IND. (Talk)

2019 IIITDM, IND. (Talk)

2018 Cinema4D 101 - New Media Design, NID Gandhinagar, IND. (Workshop)

2018 Brewed Memories, IND. (Performance)

2017 Rubberband 2.0 - Dfrost, NID R&D Campus, IND. (Performance)

2016 Rubberband - Dfrost, NID R&D Campus, IND. (Performance)

2014 Livewire, IND. (Performance)

2014 Nittfest, IND. (Performance)

2014 Nostalgia, IND. (Performance)

2014 Saarang, IIT Madras, IND. (Performance)

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