What I'm Doing Right Now
 I am in Bengaluru, India trying to lead a life that keeps me close to the people I love. This is what I spend my time doing:

• Making time to collaborate and work with people of diverse mindsets, and learning from the same (Please reach out if you have any idea that you think I could add value to).
• Trying to be a supportive and present friend, and son (to my Mom who is near enough to visit, and understanding enough when I don’t).
• Creating one work of art, everyday as part of my Everyday Project (which is in Day 1403 as of November 28, 2019) and trying to find the next direction for the same.
• Spending time regularly to play music for at least thirty minutes a day (The Ukulele, Melodica and Harmonica have helped a lot with this).
• Trying to do justice to my Booket list.
• Trying to develop a more focused mind.
• Deliberately trying to become stoic (I believe in Energy).
• Getting some physical activity regularly.
• Falling in love with the Usual typeface. This is the 'typephase' right now.
Trying to make puns that amuse people other than me and my Mom (She really does get it.).

These are my main priorities right now.

I am open to new opportunities, as I value novelty, growth and most of all, time.

Learn Something New Every Day.

If my activities or priorities happen to change, I will update this page to reflect those changes. Last update was on November 28, 2019.

This page is a public declaration and a reminder to myself. It was inspired by Derek Sivers. 
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