Fabric of Time

Installation making participants feel connected to others across time.

Fabric of Time is my final thesis project at ITP. I come from a family of silk saree designers and weavers in Kanchipuram, India.

What are the traces people leave across time?

I have been pursuing this question in my art practice as far back as I can remember. What do we leave for the future? What do we learn from the past and build off of? I have been creating experiences where we leave a trace to the future and we interact with a trace from the past.
Thesis Presentation
12 minute TL;DR

In this experience, the participant comes and sits in front of the piece. They can use the magnifying glasses, which have been placed as signifiers and for accessibility purposes, to see through the holes of the jacquard cards and find the faces of all the people who have come to this piece before them. When the participant weaves a line on the loom in front of them, they leave a physical trace of themselves. This act of weaving triggers the camera to take a picture of them and add to the display behind the cards, leaving a digital trace of them as well. When they are done, the cards rotate one step just as they would in a real handloom for each line of weave.
Steps 1 - 4 below show the journey.

Step 1 - Participant enters the room and a spotlight is on the jacquard cards
Step 2 - After they sit, a display behind the cards wakes up.

Step 3 - They are shown faces of all the people who came to the experience before them through the cards.

Step 4 - They weave a line on the loom and their face goes into the piece as well.
They leave a physical trace with the one-line weave and contribute to the fabric, and leave a digital trace by leaving their face for the future.