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A virtual interviewer that replaces humans. Scared yet?
InterVR - Your virtual interviewer, was proposed by Arumani Muthu and myself when we were students of Interaction design at National Institute of Design, India.

InterVR is an artificially intelligent system which derives job-related questions from the world-wide-web and packages them in an immersive interview environment. The users can practice for their interviews in their own space and time, in a completely immersive way.

Our design process was driven by preliminary interviews with a group of behavioral psychologists who have been part of interview panels and their insights about the interviewees’ behavior patterns. Our system is intelligent and can analyze the interviewee’s eye movements, the tone of voice, confidence, gap fillers etc.

Project Video

Our vision is to build a system that takes into account the history of user’s sessions, simulates different types of interview environments and allows us to bring visual assets inside the interview environment, with MR systems like Intel Alloy.

InterVR, which is a virtual reality interview practice application was developed and submitted as an entry for Student Design Challenge in Interaction'17 conference held by the Interaction Design Association (IXDA) in New York City in February 2017
InterVR was further built into a business model, which can be discussed in person.