Making Time

Building a timepiece and Horology 101. One of the projects for TIME at ITP-NYU.

As part of the part philosophy, part science class by Jeff Feddersen at ITP, I was introduced to Horology, the art of making clocks and watches.

The assignment was open-ended, with my peers choosing to make a spectrum of explorations, from fractal clocks to the time on Jupiter. I decided to go the mechanical way.

I had a great time (pun not intended) working on this and focusing on the tiny components. It brought a refreshing take to my process. I will be continuing this and making more watches.

I had held onto my dad's old HMT watch (gifted to him in 1979) which I had grown up and pointed out to him that its name was Suraj. He had been looking at it every day and had not realized it. I was not named after the watch though (Story for another day).

Flat Lay

For Your Eyes Only
Jeff Feddersen (For introducing me to this world and guiding me every step of the way.)

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