Microsoft To Do

Helping users manage their tasks better and get control of theri day through storytelling experiences.
Microsoft To Do is the easiest way to get stuff done, every day. With its intelligent Suggestions, To Do removes all the clutter and empowers you to focus on what's important, when it's important.

When Wunderlist joined Microsoft, combining the simplicity of Wunderlist and the massive resources of the Microsoft eco-system we created a beautiful, intelligent and delightful to-do list that truly helps you get stuff done.

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My Role
Apart from working with a smart team owning each product platform (Mac being mine, Windows, Web, iOS and Android, Tasks in Outlook, etc) in the Tasks Ecosystem, I was tasked with designing the Onboarding experience of To Do, which had its unique set of constraints using the user consumption data and user suggestions. This also led to working on new features for the Future of To Do.


Bindiya Mutum
Chinmay Parab
Dipendra Namdeo
Navneet Kaur

This project is under an NDA. Case studies can be shared upon request. Thank you.

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