Mazes, hands, magic.

Puthir (புதிர் in Tamil) is a labyrinth that is controlled by the participant’s hand gestures.

As in all labyrinths, the point is to get the ball from Start to Finish. But Puthir is different in how you make the ball move. The labyrinth has evolved over time from using gravity, magnets, and more.

Every maze has a beginning and an end. There are numerous ways to get from start to finish - the means adopted are often a blend of physical and cognitive action.

The skill involved is not only in solving the maze, but in its construction as well - the start, finish and the means of manoeuvring through it.

Different permutations of the above has led to the manifestation of the maze in several forms - from labyrinthian gardens spread across acres of land to toys that fit into the hands of children.

Puthir adds another dimension of motion to the simple two-dimensional maze - making it a new, more engaging experience, a new puzzle to enjoy solving!

Project Video

Technical Setup
The Leap Motion Controller is mapped onto the hand movements of the player and with every move, the Roll and Pitch axes of the maze are changed, moving the ball with them thanks to gravity.