My internship at the Samsung R&D Institute at Bengaluru revolved around Immersive Technologies, namely AR, VR and MR, and the impact Spatial Sound has on Immersion.
During my internship, I got to add more information sources to my already curated list, designed and prototyped  iterations of the experiences in Unity, each of which was tested and validated with users.

My process of research involved studying the Technological, Social and Cultural trends of the domain over the last few years as this is technology that has a huge potential and possibly say in the future.

One of the first things that I did on joining was draw up a timeline with the help of my mentor and tried my best to work with it.

We were able to gather rich feedback and insights from our user testing sessions as a result of the prototypes.

 I documented my time there in my blog.

Unity Project Screenshot

Given the highly confidential nature of the project and an NDA with Samsung, I am unable to share the details here. However, we could discuss the same offline.

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