This is a project currently in progress.

Social Fabric

Installation making participants feel connected to others across time with jacquard cards.

The project uses an array of jacquard card sets (each set is like a garland of cards) next to each other attached to motors at the top, and they rotate whenever someone walks by. When someone looks at them, a camera captures their face (or dominant colour for privacy) and adds it to displays behind the cards. When anyone looks through the holes in the card, they can see the captured faces/colours.

Each jacquard set makes a different pattern physically in a loom. As people fill up the holes in the card, a projection on the ground where they stand (in front of the cards) starts making the pattern.

The installation would be near a wall, and the holes in the card represent community, and what is made through the interaction is the final good of the world. The idea is to show that as a community, we can come together and complete whatever we set our minds to. This is especially true for this moment in time when the world seems divided.