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Sculptures helping communication in real-time across different time zones, providing closeness despite distance.

'Us' is a pair of tiny sculptures that represent the intimate connection between an artist and his family across the globe.

Each sculpture features an OLED display for a face, with one representing the artist's mother and the other representing himself. The artist keeps the sculpture with his mother's face in New York, while the one with his face is with his family in India.

The artist normally has to go through a number of steps to check whether his family is available to call without disturbing them. Through the use of these sculptures, the artist is able to communicate with his family in real-time, by sending a message 10.5 hours into the future (New York to India) and his family sending a message 10.5 hours into the past (India to New York).

By pressing a button on his side, the sleeping face that represents the artist will wake up, signaling to his family that he is awake, alive, and available for a call.
This works the other way as well.

Jeff Feddersen (For the class Time at ITP)
Tom Igoe (For helping me Understand Networks)
Yonatan Rozin (For introducing me to MQTT)
Sharan Mohanadoss (For the beautiful documentation)
Zoe Cohen (For being a hand model)

Exhibited at
Lobby of 370 Jay Street from January 2023 - Present